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Liquid Chlorophyll

Created based on natural ingredients PhytoLife (in the USA known as Liquid Chlorophyll) is a rich combination of chlorophyllyn (water-soluble form of chlorophyll) and peppermint oil. The highest quality ingredients makes ouer product well supports healthy digestive function and helps turn ordinary tap water into great tasting, cleansing drink, you can enjoy throughout the day.

Incorporate this product into your diet by mixing 1.5 teaspoon (7.5 ml) with a glass of water, twice daily. One bottle is enough for about 100 glasses of chlorophyll drink!

Chlorophyllin, peppermint oil,
Sprouted barely extract, alfalfa juice extract.

Net volume: 730 ml (24.7 oz)
EXP: at least 15 months
Payment: payment card
Delivery within 2-4 working days.

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All components - chlorophyll as chlorophyllin, peppermint oil and juice solids alfalfa and barley are of natural origin. The supplement does not contain preservatives. A stabilizing role completely natural vegetable glycerin. All ingredients come from crops free from GMO.
Chlorophyllin is a mixture of salts of sodium copper chlorophyll, which result from the replacement of the ring chlorophyll copper atom, magnesium atom. In contrast, the chlorophyll which dissolves only in fats, chlorophyllin is dissolved in water, so it is active in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is believed that chlorophyll does not enter the bloodstream. However, some components of the mixture chlorophyllins can "travel" throughout the body, which was initially confirmed scientifically, but requires further research. Chlorophyllin in aqueous solution to meet the colloquial, the trade name of "liquid chlorophyll".
Chlorophyll is a chemical compound found in plants and algae, suitable parts of plants (especially the leaves), green color. It allows organisms to the plant to capture solar energy used in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is used to raise chlorophyllin known colloquially as "liquid chlorophyll", which is the main component of PhytoLife.
Peppermint oil is an essential oil obtained from peppermint. Mint is known and used for thousands of years, working preferably with digestive problems like rówież refreshes. Similar action is peppermint oil whose main ingredient is menthol.


Dilute one and half a teaspoon (approx. 7.5 ml) Phytolife glass of water. So prepared drink drink once, twice or several times a day, between meals. The contents of the package sufficient to prepare about 100 glasses of chlorophyll drink! Also be used as a mouth rinse. In this case, mix three teaspoons in half a glass of water. Rinse your mouth at least about one minute. Repeat this several times a day. Once the package is opened, store in refrigerator for no longer than one month.


Phytolife is not a drug but a dietary supplement. So you can not speak here of the effects of overdose or side effects. Consuming too much can cause an effect similar to overeating. There are also, although rarely, allergic to any of the ingredients. If in doubt, consult a doctor or nutritionist.


The benefits of regular drinking of a drink made with Phytolife can primarily be attributed to people on all types of cleansing diets, slimming diets (Source) , with gastric problems, eating little green vegetables and fruits, eating fast food, smoking, drinking too much coffee, tea, alcohol and other beverages conducive to acidification, also wishing to put an end to unhealthy nutrition . Numerous research and scientific experiments have proven this.

Chlorophyll/chlorophyllin help to maintain the proper pH level in our body (prevents acidification), which is necessary in maintaining good health.

Chlorophylline and peppermint oil also have a significant bacteriostatic effect , especially in the oral cavity, so they can help to remove unpleasant odors even after ingesting about 100 mg a day (dr. Franklin Howard Westcott). Alkalizing properties of chlorophyllin are beneficial from the point of view of problems with the digestive system, such as hyperacidity, heartburn, bowel dysfunction, etc. Source

Chlorophyll is considered an effective anti-inflammatory substance . For this reason, it is used, for example, in cases of arthritis, sinusitis or chronic pancreatitis. Source

Chlorophyll and chlorophyllin bind some toxic chemicals that are known or suspected to cause, among others, cancer, in neutral and safely excreted compounds from the body. Source

It is worth mentioning that one Teaspoon of Phytolife contains as much chlorophyllin as a cup of finely chopped sausage, known for its anti-odor properties that it owes to chlorophyll!


Supplement is manufactured for the Synergy renowned for its high quality NSP facilities in the United States. Production is subject to a number of standards and approvals. Each of the components is subject to random but meticulous quality control, among other things for contamination by heavy metals. The company Nature's Sunshine Products has 40 years of experience in the production of supplements and is one of the world leaders in health-related. Plants producing Phytolife have the prestigious NSF GMP certification.


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This supplement combines the advantages Phytolife but it also contains many other ingredients from green vegetables. Synergy Essential Greens will be available in the form of a gel in convenient sachets, which you can always carry with them. Each sachet will contain a daily dose of the supplement.


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